Rely on Rowlinson... offer prompt turnaround, all or part of your timber order can be treated at our own treatment facility located within our UK distribution centre. Owning this facility guarantees you a consistent supply of treated products to your specification and complying with all the current regulations.

We treat our products with Tanalith E 8000, Green – a light olive green colour. We can also produce a brown treatment on request. Please contact our sales office for further details.


Biocidal Products Regulations EU528/2012


Control of wood destroying organisms

Active Ingredients : Copper Carbonate / Copper Hydroxide (1:1) , Propiconazole

Tebuconazole , Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride .

Wear Gloves when handling timber . Avoid inhalation of sawdust . Do not use

in contact with drinking water or for direct food contact . Do not use for animal bedding

or in fish ponds . Dispose of treated wood responsibly . Do not burn .

Industrial waste should be disposed of through an authorised waste contractor .